About us


Hi, lovely to e-meet you!

I created TPVA to provide flexible work to experienced assistants, in turn providing support to busy entrepreneurs and small business teams, allowing them to free up their time and maintain a better work-life balance.

From the outset, we’re established on the foundations of excellent service. Our assistants are handpicked and undertake a number of practical exercises to ensure we only hire the best.

We have bravely embraced the virtual world of remote working to provide a personal and professional single source of support. 

Before this journey, I worked in the Legal industry before becoming a full time Virtual Assistant and trainer.

I’d love to connect so feel free to contact me directly: tianna@tpva.co.uk

Fun Facts

It's Personal?

We’re all about “making virtual personal”. I feel that having an assistant is very personal. Which I why I take the time and energy to personally match a dedicated assistant to the Client, ensuring the chosen assistant is able meet your short and long term goals.

The story behind our logo

Our logo is a flower to represent the blossoming relationship between client and their personal Virtual Assistant. 

Just like a freshly planted flower, a new client may be closed and unable to open up and let go, after all they’ve put a lot of hard work and effort into their business. But as the flower is nurture and is patiently and efficiently taken care of, it begins to open up and blossom. The flower, like the clients business will begin to evolve as will the relationship between Client and their assistant.